Norris Merchandise has a long and proud history of serving Cleveland and surrounding counties since 1947.  The building was originally a meat processing facility known as Morris Packing Company when Alvin "Doc" Bridges purchased all the shares and became the sole owner of the establishment.  One of the conditions of purchasing the business meant that the name would have to be changed.  Since it would have been very costly and time consuming to change all the packaging products, trucks, invoices, etc. to a completely different name, Alvin decided to change one letter and rename the business Norris Packing Company.  Thus, this is how NORRIS got it's name!  The meat processing facility closed it's doors in 1973 and the building was rented out to various entities until 1983 when Alvin and his son David reopened the business as Norris Discount Merchandise.  Alvin and his wife, Peggy, ran and played an intricate role in the success of the business up until their deaths.  Today, David, along with his daughter Sara manage the business along wih Sara's husband Todd and close friend Ben.  Norris Merchandise is a true "family" business and considers all employees and patrons as family!  We look forward to serving all your current and future needs so stop by and see us!

At present, our web site is still under construction. We are making an effort to present you with our entire spectrum of offers as soon as possible.  The emphasis of our site is for informational purposes and may not always represent current stock.  You can always visit our Facebook or Instagram page for more up to date styles as we get them!

In the meantime you can reach us at 704-482-8464.  We are looking forward to hearing from you. You can also contact us at our e-mail address: sales@norrismerchandise.com